[pct-l] Worst parts of the trail and ways to get though them

Jackie McDonnell yogihikes at gmail.com
Wed Oct 31 13:04:46 CDT 2012

I slow from 25+ mpd in the first 700 miles to 18's in the Sierra.  Although
my body probably demands more food per day for the stretch from KM to VVR,
I usually have less food per day, simply because I can't carry more.


On Oct 31, 2012 12:50 PM, "Daniel Zellman" <danielzellman at gmail.com> wrote:
> As a newbie (to both this list and the trail - planning our first thru
> hike, for 2013), although I get what folks are saying about negative
> thinking, I wonder if it might be possible/fruitful to expand the
> discussion...
> Would folks with some experience under their belt be willing to say a bit
> about which sections you found to be most physically and/or mentally
> challenging and/or rewarding?
> For example, almost everyone seems to say that they slowed down
> significantly, and ate a lot more, through the Sierras (from Kennedy
> meadows through to Tuolumne, I guess).
> How significant a slow down are we talking about here? I know a lot will
> depend on the weather and other factors, but a general idea of what
> happened to your average miles/day would be appreciated. Also, what kind
> increase in calories? Were you eating twice what you ate in SoCal?
> Which other sections did you find particularly physically/mentally
> demanding and/or rewarding?
> Thanks....
> -dz
> P.S. And thanks to all who replied to my earlier query about VVR Resupply
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