[pct-l] General Delivery and Click-n-ship

Jackie McDonnell yogihikes at gmail.com
Fri Apr 12 00:49:58 CDT 2013

No, no, that's not right for Click-N-Ship.
Don't put the street address for General Delivery.

First and Last names:  Obviously, put your first and last names
For the street address, enter:  General Delivery
Then put the City, State, Zip.

There are a few addresses which do require more information for
Click-N-Ship.  Those are noted in the Handbook.

In fact, just address your packages exactly as shown in the Handbook.

Oh!  and you typed "We" in your email.  Are two of you hiking together?  If
so, it's a good idea to put both your names on the package.  That allows
either of you to pick up your mail.  So, for Click-N-Ship, do this:

In the "First Name" field, enter:  Jane Smith or
In the "Last Name" field, enter:  John Smith

Your Click-N-Ship address will print like this:

Jane Smith or John Smith
General Delivery
Campo, CA  91906

Be sure to put the "or" after Jane Smith.  Do not put "and"


On Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 12:39 AM, Jennifer Zimmerman <jenniferlzim at gmail.com
> wrote:

> Hello list!
> Here's a potentially obvious question...we're two days out from heading
> West and I just finished boxing our resupply shipments.  Can anyone confirm
> exactly how to use USPS click-n-ship online for general delivery addresses?
>  I found a pct-l post from Donna written in 2011 that said to put "general
> delivery" in the company field and then to enter the full street address of
> the post office in the address fields.  Is this the best way to do it?
>  BTW, I'm aware that a few POs still give click-n-ship problems. We would
> like to do it this way because it would make things easy as pie for our
> resupply folks.
> I've been paranoid about food drops ever since Rainier nearly lost one of
> ours last summer.  Their awesome rangers bent over backwards to help us
> find it and other folks hiking the trail offered us their extra food.
>  Can't wait to get back to basking in the goodwill of the backpacking
> culture!
> Thanks for any info you can provide!
> JZ
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