[pct-l] From Facebook, the passing of Ed Anderson, "Mendo Rider"

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I am so sad to hear about Ed dying. When I met him ,back in the 80's, he and Jereen were still racing long distance on horses. I believe what he really invented was the wonderful "Adventurewagon" It has a permanent raised top that is aerodynamicly designed to avoid the problem with wind that the Westphalia is famous for. It has a wooden interior,like a boat. It can sit at a trailhead with the refrigerator running for over a week. I could go on and on about the differences. I have beendriving mine for 26 years and hope to drive it forever. Once two of us lived in it for a year traveling throughout the US. It was on that trip that I learned that people did long distance trails. He will be missedMarmot   

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> Donna L-Rod Saufley posted:
> It is with great sadness that I inform of the passing of Ed Anderson
> "Mendo Rider" of Agua Dulce. He was an inventor (he invented the
> pop-up for VW vans), and a national champion endurance rider. Ed did a
> thru-ride of the Pacific Crest Trail on his horse Primo, and compiled
> information for equestrians who were interested in doing the same. He
> was a neighbor of ours, and a friend to many. I don't have any details
> about what happened, but we do know he will be missed.
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