[pct-l] Is the PCT-L broken again

Hemet Hiker hemethiker at outlook.com
Mon Aug 5 09:59:42 CDT 2013

 This is related to the same issue Comcast users were
having a few weeks ago and not only effects g-mail but all of us. Do you
remember some years ago when spam was such a problem that many of us received
more spam than desired emails? The solution was that email providers started
blocking emails that their users identified as Spam. This has worked extremely
well and for the past few years I have received very few Spam emails. The down
side is that some desired email also get blocked, and this is now what’s
happening to emails originating from backcountry through G-Mail. Not sure what
the solution might be but you can also teach G-Mail which emails are not spam by
going to your spam folder, right clicking on them, and indicating that they are
not spam. These emails will then be directed back to your inbox where you can read
them. In time g-mail will learn not to identify them as spam.

How to stop all those lazy users who identify backcountry
email as spam rather than unsubscribing from the list is a bigger problem. 



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