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Exactly. Anish is not, in any way, dissing trail magic. She is being principled. There are two separate records: (1) for a supported hike, in which case the hiker can carry less, knowing that consumables are predetermined to be provided at specific locations, and (2) for an unsupported hike, when the hiker may mail provisions to themselves at points on the trail but must carry food etc. between resupply points. 

Trail magic may happen in either case, but is (traditionally) unpredictable and not to be expected or relied upon for survival. That's why it's "magic." But that's an entirely different discussion. 

Carol (given the name Muse, which I used until I found out someone of somewhat dubious likability also hikes under that name) (rats)

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On Aug 7, 2013, at 1:10 AM, Bob Bankhead <wandering_bob at comcast.net> wrote:

> Trail magic happens - usually at random times and places by random
> individuals. Perhaps the significant difference between a supported and
> unsupported journey lies in who plans and/or coordinates said magic
> (howsoever defined). 
> If I as the hiker arrange for someone else to provide me with something at a
> prearranged location on a prearranged schedule, then there is a good
> argument to be made that my hike is supported. If I merely take advantage of
> whatever appears whenever and wherever it may, the same argument can be made
> that my hike is not supported. For all I know, no magic may appear; the
> water caches may be empty, as may be the shelves at the store during a town
> stop. I am merely taking advantage of something available to anyone who
> comes along at the correct time. The mere act of sending resupply packages
> to myself, buying supplies locally along the way, or setting caches for
> myself, does not violate the concept of unsupported. If I arrange for
> someone to meet me along the trail with supplies, I can no longer claim
> non-support.
> Wandering Bob
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