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Andrea Dinsmore andrea at dinsmoreshikerhaven.com
Sat Aug 10 15:01:39 CDT 2013

With my G-Mail....they set up a SPAM folder and 99% of SPAM emails go
directly into that folder. Occasionally I get a SPAM in my In Box but if I
mark that it never shows up again. G-Mail has also blocked all those emails
from Asian senders in their languages. I love it.


On Sat, Aug 10, 2013 at 11:35 AM, <andyj92 at aol.com> wrote:

> My $.02 of observed wisdom.
> Most of my spam comes from Yahoo. Seemingly Yahoo server allows mass
> mailings. Not all. It seems to go in waves.
> I have used AOL for 20+ years. AOL has been aggressive about spam. I send
> spam to their "Spam" folder vs using delete.
> I visit spam folder and retrieve any misfiled posts. I use their "Not
> Spam" button. This is old skool A.I. but it does learn and pick-up my
> preferences. I suspect most mail programs will learn good from bad mass
> mailings -IF- we take the time to teach what we wish. They haven't learned
> to read minds, yet..
> AOL uses an IMAP format...This is not same as other more popular formats
> for hackers. Or so I was told by IT dept guy.I have stayed with AOL for
> back-up dial-up when in hotels that charge high rates for WiFi in foreign
> lands. This is all pre-cellphone and broad WiFi usage tactics. I am
> sensitive to the various toll-takers who gouge travelers and visitors.
> Getting a huge bill totally unexpected and inable to pay in full seriously
> hurts...Philosophically I object to Google using me as a source of data to
> be aggregated and sold again and again. It's me and my biases.. When
> someone tells me their goal in life is to "Do No Evil" I watch my wallet
> and count my fingers...
> Old trout gets to be old by not jumping after all shiny and tasty things
> that come by. I cannot afford a "FREE" anything. So No Google searches, no
> Android, No Gmail for me. I cannot do 44 miles a day. I cannot do 30 miles
> a day. I cannot 20 miles every day. It's my hike, my journey, my choice...
> Yes, Cushy, some days I do camp. There is no T-shirt, no beltbuckle, no
> golden pack or waterbottle... Not even a website where I could claim all my
> miles, sections etc... (Like there is for marathon and ultra-runners)
> Happy Trails to all...
> Until we meet again.
> "AJ" aka Andy
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