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I hiked there a couple weeks ago. There is a snow field on the north side of Park Ridge, but we easily traversed it with just our hiking poles. There was also a small snow field on the north side of 3 fingered Jack, which may be gone by now. We briefly lost the trail there when we followed the steps down the snow instead of across. Mosquitos were not an issue until after Koko Lake, but mosquito repellant seemed effective for them. My biggest concern was Russell Creek. We hit it at 3:00 pm but were able to scout out a safe crossing place. Hiking poles were helpful there for stability. I'm only 5 foot tall and the water came up just below my knees. If you are long legged you may be able to just rock hop across both Milk Creek and Russell Creek. You can read about this trip on my blog at http://happyhousehiker.blogspot.com/

Enjoy! It is a beautiful section of trail.



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I'll be hiking through the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness from August 17-19.  How
are snow conditions this year, and flow levels in Russell Creek and
elsewhere?  Are the bugs likely to be gone?

Thanks much,


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