[pct-l] Highway 20 closure

Deems losthiker at sisqtel.net
Tue Aug 13 20:38:47 CDT 2013

I was wondering how hiker's experience durings this rare incredible storm
event would be liek. I have a Hexamid SP also, but have never been a storm
like this.  Would other hikers in the rare Rainy Pass storm event post their
stories, the thruhikers must be in the area now and lived thru the storm.
I was in my Hexamid Solo Plus tent at 6600 ft on top of Methow Pass during
this horrendous thunder and lightning storm.  It started around 6 or 7pm I'm
guessing.  The first round if you could call it that brought thumbnail size
hail.  It pummeled my tent, hitting the ground so hard it splashed water
inside getting me, my down bag and everything soaked.  It moved on just long
enough for me to contemplate leaving, then the next round started.
Relentless thunder and lightning and then the rain....I could hear it
flowing past me all around me and under me.  So incredible.  I did not sleep
all night, it was just so loud and so close.  I spent the entire night
praying for my life.  At 4am, still dark, I bolted out of my tent ran for my
stashed pack and bear vault 

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