[pct-l] Bike Free PCT

Charles Williams charlesnolie at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 17 20:08:34 CDT 2013

I had a  thought last week as I was doing a 10 day log-out in the Tahoe and Plumas National Forests.  You see, I ran into bicycles twice that were knowingly using the PCT.  One was a single user, the other was a group of three.  I had a radio and threatened to call them in, but when I saw the group it was July 4 and I figured the "twig pigs" would have other things to do.  They just laughed it off and said "do what you want, we're riding through".
What if a non-profit was started that collected donations (presumably from hikers) that were spent on game cameras.  They could be positioned on trees out of the reach of bikers and moved from time to time by volunteers.  They could also be locked to the trees with a cable or?  The cameras could take pictures of bikers using the trail and get a "head shot" of the perps.  
I wonder if the Law Enforcement Officers would take a case to a judge with evidence collected by civilians?  The bikers would have to be identified of course, but we could post the cameras with a view of the parking lots they use and get license plate numbers if we're lucky.  Or we could post their headshots on a website and see if anybody can identify them.  
Any thoughts on this?  Anybody have any answers to the legal questions?
P.S.  From Jackson Meadows to Johnsville Gibsonville road we logged out 257 trees.  Sheesh!

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