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Thu Jul 18 12:19:28 CDT 2013

Just remember everyone, this movie will not be a faithful recounting of her life or even of the book she wrote. They will put on screen what is dramatic and will get an audience. Probably no person will show up as who they really  were.Words will be put in made up characters mouths. Composites will be invented. Real people will disappear. The real experience will be reduced to a series of theatrical bits. The quiet,flowing, effortless experience, which most of long distance hiking is, will probably not be portrayed.  The film will not be about hiking the trail. It will be about some film writer's version of the book's version of her life and her hike. No one but hikers care about what really happened. Who was really out there. What it is really like.That is why each story that is written about the trail is valuable. Each different view, helps to give a true and total vision of long distance hiking. Remember to send in stories about your hikes to The ALDHA-west Gazette.  Marmot 		 	   		  

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