[pct-l] Brad Pitt to play Meadow Ed . . .

JOHN F PATTERSON yuppatt at sbcglobal.net
Sat Jul 20 11:01:12 CDT 2013

Hmm. Not sure, Ed. I was thinking, more, Lionel Barrymore. 
Meadow Ed's recent inquiry @ PCT Backcountry.net:
"Say what you want too, but the movie is coming, my ? is 
who's going to play me in the movie????
All alone this long trip I keep hoping for Brad Pitt, remember 
he just turned 50 and in the book I too had just turned 50....

You the best, however (and f u n n y)... however it is resolved and I send greetings!!

If all she says in that book is the truth ... she quite a gal!
But, as E. Dickinson reports elsewhere in another context- "Ourself cannot decide..."
Rafter Jack 

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