[pct-l] Desert hiking safety

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Wed May 1 21:01:54 CDT 2013

I agree with most of the suggestions so far.
Unfortunately, in many desert environments, water is scarce.  This translates into using water only for drinking...not washing yourself or your socks, not wetting down clothing, or using a spray bottle to mist.  Water is most effective when consumed.   It is not unusual to find a victim of heat stroke with water still in his bottle.  Remember, the body must sweat to cool itself, and you need to replace this loss regularly to support this.  Urine volume and color is key to monitoring hydration.  Electrolytes are important.
Of every 100 victims of heat related problems at Grand Canyon, 90 will have heat exhaustion (dehydration), 9 will have hyponatremia, and one will have heat stroke.
If you feel a need to clean your feet, use a wet wipe.
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