[pct-l] The New You

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Fri May 3 11:49:55 CDT 2013

One day a group of female hikes are out on the trail banging alongat good speed.  All at once one of thehikers feels a little faint and stops. She is a middle age hiker and she falls down on the trail breathinghard.
Luckily, they are in cell phone range and help arrives quicklyfor a helicopter ride to the hospital. She has had a heart attack and it is serious.
Once on the operating table she has a near death experience.  She sees God and she asks, "Is this mytime?  Is my time up, Lord?"
God replies, "No, not at all. You have over 35 years left to live. You will be back out on the trail in no time at all."
Upon recovery from the heart attack, she decides to make themost of her stay in the hospital.  Shehas a face-lift, liposuction, implants, and a tummy tuck.  Once out of the hospital she goes to the salonand spa to have the works.  She has herhair and nails done.  She is reallyfeeling good about herself.
She heads for a lunch with her hiking friends.  She wants to show them the new her.  She is crossing the street to the café, whenall at once a car runs a red light and hits and kills her.
Arriving in heaven, she demands to know why she is dead whenshe was told she had 35 more years.  Godreplies, "I didn’t recognize you."

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