[pct-l] 2012 Class DVD

Tortoise Tortoise73 at charter.net
Tue May 7 10:10:04 CDT 2013

For those who missed the message the first time around - - -

Now that the KO is over and the 2012 PCT class DVD has been premiered at 
the KO, copies are available as follows:

Download from here -- PCT class DVDs
The 2012 DVD is 3.4 Gigabytes so it is a BIG download. Patience is a virtue 
especially with a download this big. Suggest starting the download in the 
evening and letting it run over night. All years are available. (2009 is 
online only)

For those unable to download and/or burn DVDs, I burn and mail copies. I 
can provide all years from 2003 to 2012 (except 2009). Just send me your 
name and regular postal mail address. I'll burn a few each day while I'm 
otherwise at my computer.

I do NOT accept gifts or compensation for doing this. This is my trail 
"angeling". If you appreciate this than VirGo first of all because he did 
the work. Then do some trail maintenance or send a contribution to the 
Pacific Crest Trail Association or the American Hiking Association.


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