[pct-l] sleep aids and ticks

Ron Ronron oldlemonparty at gmail.com
Tue May 7 21:44:29 CDT 2013

I picked two ticks off my legs after sitting down for a min around mile 93
a few days ago. Lyme carrying ticks are virtually if not entierly non
existant on the PCT. There are other fun tick borne diseases though.
Anything other than just pulling an embeded tick out may very well cause
said tick to vomit into you and thus greatly increase the chance of
transmitting a tick borne disease.

Melatonin works well to help initiate sleep. Valerian works well to help
maintain sleep. Calcium magnesium and potassium help the body relax. Whey
protein helps the body relax. B complex vitamins help the body relax.

Taking benadryl and/or alcohol to sleep is just dumb to me, but if it works
keep it up. A hammer would work too.

I use a powdered supplement called calm for calcium and magnesium.
I use nativas coconut water powder for potassium.
I use generic whey protein, melatonin, bcomplex, and valerian.

I sleep like a baby except when I am unfortunate enough to be camped within
a half mile of someone with sleep apnea. A hammer would help.

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