[pct-l] C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E-S / And the Mountain Bike problem

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Congress cares about what lobbyist tell them to care about.  SUWA is a great example of how to lobby congress to get them to give a crap about protecting trails and wilderness, check them out and the Red Rock Act they have been working on.  My intention was not to start an argument, I mountain bike and love touring so of course I would love to tour the PCT, it would be amazing.  That being said I do see how hikers feel uncomfortable with mnt bikes on the trail, i am not advocating motorbikes, but I have never in 18yrs of mnt biking seen a bike tear up a trail like a horse.  The conditions to cause significant damage are not conditions people typically choose to ride in and frankly muddy trails are nearly impossible to ride a bike...but not a horse not even getting into the damage caused by a 1000lb animal with four legs and a 200lb man on a 30 lb bike with 3in wide tires.  I am fine sticking with the Divide trail and maybe someday there will be a
 sister trail to the PCT for bikers like has been developed on the divide, but then again you have to weigh the damage of a new trail.  Its a sticky subject and one that I dont think is important enough to spend time arguing over, there are much more pressing issues threatening our wilderness than my fat tires.  Jason

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I have one point to make about talking about bicycles on the PCT. It was
tried here, and it was, looking back on it and including my participation
in it, just plain awful. Of course that is just my opinion, but I am
confident there are plenty of others that share it.

Continuing to go over the same old points with the same people expecting a
different outcome is possibly a good definition for insanity. That kind of
insanity will do nothing good here, but hey, of that's what you want, go
for it. It will work out just like the times before: doing nothing and
getting nowhere. There's a moderator here that will (try to) end it when
the time comes.

As far as asking me what my "qualifications" are, they are everything, and
they are nothing, just like everyone else. What kind of person wants to
compare their worthiness to have an opinion to someone else? Someone that I
don't care to be affiliated too closely with.

Hike your own hike, Ed. Don't worry about me, I really don't matter.

Dan Jacobs
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