[pct-l] I-10 hitch to Cabazon

Pat Wormington airecrew09 at gmail.com
Mon May 13 22:29:33 CDT 2013

I call the I-10/PCT trail junction the "Armpit of the PCT."  It is 
impossible to get a ride 5 miles to Cabazon.  A sheriffs dept. deputy 
gave us a ride.  The public transit bus to Banning turns around so close 
to the PCT it isn't funny, yet they cannot turn around where PCT hikers 
are sure to want a ride to Cabazon or Banning.  Also there is not a sign 
to indicate where the public transit bus stop is located in front of the 
Cabazon Casino.  Hikers spend dollars on food and lodging so why isn't 
Banning interested in helping PCT hikers get there?


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