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To report a bike on the PCT go to www.fs.usda.gov/detail/pct/home

Then go to quick links on the right hand side of the page and click on
"Report Incidents."

Also report illegal campfires here.  Should also let the PCTA know.


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Ok, Im not crazy about the BIKERS on a hiking trail, On trails that allow
them these bikes become a real hazard to all, rushing up behind, "On the
Left" or ringing a bell, just about makes you jump out of your shoes.
 When they are coming at you they act as if they have the right of way, and
do they enjoy the same privileges the horses have, Always the right of way.
Im not overwhelmed by the Horses, but never had been snuck up on by one,
only those nice compost piles they leave around.

The equestrians that do enjoy the trail are also the same that can get gear
and supplies deep into areas that would break your back humping stuff to and
thanks to them the grades for the PCT are not steep at all, although a few
sections are big steps up.
 I would be bold enough to speculate that BIKERS would be racing and wanting

So, to get to the point, I recall reading of a way to report bikes on the
trail, Anyone have that info, Im not about to confront a BIKER, especially
out in the middle of no where near, those guys have helmets and tight pants,
very similar to Footballers, so observe, and report, but to whom.

According to custom, in the future we shall call this kind of march a
tardeada , which is practiced when it is not possible to accomplish the
whole of it in one day. 
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