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Fri May 17 23:49:44 CDT 2013

Greetings from HIKEPLAN:

I wrote the HIKPLAN program about 20 years ago and have written over 700  
through- and segment-plans since then. While I have hiked several portions of 
 the PCT, I am now too old to complete it. Instead, I produce 
computer-generated  plans to help others in their planning efforts. It is my most 
enjoyable  hobby.

The data for the HIKEPLAN come directly from the three PCT Guidebooks  
(Souther California, Northern California and Oregon-Washington) as well as the  
Halfmile map series and other credible sources and updates. I include 
official  detours and trail openings.

The hiker is asked to supply certain personal parameters, such as entry and 
 exit points, off-PCT alternate trails to and from resupply and/or scenic  
locations, level and climbing rates and desired average daily miles and/or  
hours. Files will be sent to the hiker to fill in and return with this info. 

The program will then track the desired accumulated daily hours or miles  
and, upon or nearing completion, select the next available recorded campsite 
or  other requested overnight waypoint. . The plan will accumulate all miles 
hiked,  on- and off-PCT. Any computed value selection may, of course, be 
overwritten and  inserted into the plan. 
The HIKEPLAN is, of course, no official document, but a useful tool to use  
in one's initial planning. Changes may be easily made so that a comparison 
of  routes my be considered. 

The plan is offered on an Excel spreadsheet and only by e-mail. No  charge.

Contact me at _hikeplan at aol.com_ (mailto:hikeplan at aol.com)  and we will get 

Best regards,

John M.  "Jack" Yates
1120 Calle de los Amigos
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
805 898  3749

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