[pct-l] Ray Jardine Backpack kit

Bill Batchelor bill.batchelor at kedyl.com
Wed May 22 15:53:36 CDT 2013

I will be selling my Ray Jardine, make your own backpack kit.   I have had
the kit for a few years.   I also bought the DVD that shows the steps.   I
am moving in a few months into a very small space and I need to get
realistic about what to haul around with me.
It is a size XL which in the past referred to the volume of the pack 2600
cubic inches.   His new packs he has measurements based on shoulder girth.
  This back is NOT that XL.   I am an average build man 5"10" 175 pounds.
My torso is average.   Damn near everything about me is average :-)
This order was specific to my size and will work for an average of 5'9" to
5"11".   I just want to mention that because if you go to the web site now,
it would be misleading.  I don't want some big shouldered 6'2" guy buying
this based on what Ray has on his site now.

Besides changing the sizing mechanisms on his web site, the pack design is
the same.   See http://www.rayjardine.com/ray-way/Backpack-Kit/index.htm

If anyone is interested, send me a note off-group.  The pack new was $60
and the DVD (really helps show what the written instructions say) was $17.
  Buy the pack for $55 and the DVD is free.

Shoot, after writing this and spending time back on his web site, I am
feeling inspired again.   Maybe I will just make it.... ....  ....   I hate
being indecisive... or I love it  - cant decide.

Send me a note

Pink Gumby

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