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Ken Powers ken at gottawalk.com
Wed May 22 17:56:10 CDT 2013

I have talked to both UPS and FedEx about shipping small quantities 
(Consumer Commodity) of fuel. In order to ship any fuel with either of them 
I had to register as a Hazmat shipper. Oodles of paperwork that I didn't 
even look at, other than the size.

There has been a change in regulations for the trucking industry regarding 
the shipping of hazardous gases and/or liquids. So far the Postal 
Regulations have not changed. The Postal Service is not bound by the 
trucking industry regulations.

My GottaWalk.com website is having problems that I can't seem to fix. Marcia 
copied my "Shipping Fuel" webpage to our ADT trail journal. Here is the 
link: http://www.trailjournals.com/entry.cfm?id=85648
Some of the links to the Postal Service website are broken - USPS changed 
their website. The regulations have not changed.


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Does UPS ship fuel?

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