[pct-l] Camping on Mount Whitney

Melanie Clarke melaniekclarke at gmail.com
Mon May 27 11:07:18 CDT 2013

I've climbed Whitney about 4 times and each time the door was locked.  I
don't think camping up there is a good idea as they get electrical storms
up there with lightning strikes.  These usually occur in the afternoon so
it is recommended to summit before 2pm.  If you camp near the Guitar Lakes,
camp on the western side, farthest from Whitney as the Marmots are not as
bad over there.  On 3 occasions, I left my tent set up with everything
inside and slack packed to the summit and back with no problems.  This time
of year, the JMT has mosquitoes but they thin out above 10,000 ft. and
disappear entirely at 11,000 ft.  Bring a head net and treated clothing.
 Put Deet on your tushie as they will swarm when you stop to make
contributions to nature.  Mosquitoes will stay away while you are hiking
but when you stop for any reason they will attack.


On Sun, May 26, 2013 at 10:24 AM, Benjamin Grunbaum
<bengrunbaum at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hello everyone
> I am hiking the John Muir Trail again in 16 days.  I am starting at Happy
> Isles because I want to finish on top of the lower 48.
> I am curious if anyone on this list has camped at the top.  I have only
> seen a few posts about camping on the top. The two or three mentioned it
> being extremely cold and windy.
> I was thinking of camping inside the hut if it is not already taken. I am
> pretty sure it would handle wind better than my tent!  I am planning on
> bringing my 30 degree bag but I do not want to become a popsicle that
> somebody else has to remove.
> Joking aside, how could does it get up there?  Are the tent sites on top (I
> understand there are a couple) protected by rocks?  Can you camp in the
> hut?  Will I survive the night in a 30 degree bag?  I am prepared to be
> uncomfortable to have the chance to see the sunset and sunrise on the top
> of the lower 48.  I just do not want to be the one calling 911 so I am
> looking for constructive advice.
> Thanks
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