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Oh, my gosh, thankyou for this post.  Since we got everything in the Hat Creek District whooped, My father and I are going to work north of Burney Falls in a couple weeks and hopefully make it all the way to Peavine Creek or further.  Your trail report and detailed information will help to tell us what size saws to bring, how much work to expect, and more importantly that we will need a higher certification sawyer for the 5'er.  
Charles Williams

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Over the weekend I hiked from Peavine Creek (14 miles into section O) back to Old Station. 

The trail was mostly in excellent shape - thank you trail maintainers! 
In particular, some work had been recently accomplished to clear some fairly large 
trees on the old Highway 44 grade up to the Highway 44 PCT/Mud Lake trailhead. Note that the signs telling southbound 
hikers about the Lassen detour (which starts at Mud Lake) were down at the Sputter Cones trailhead, about 4 miles too late, 
although if there were any southbound through hikers now they might be stopping at Old Station to resupply. 

No trail maintenance issues until at all until the backpackers campground at Burney Falls, which had quite a few campers. 
After that there was a normal assortment of the usual 12-18" trees across the trail, easily stepped over by man or beast. 

But around the Screwdriver Creek trail junction, a few miles south of Peavine Creek, there was more to report. There are 
a number of trees across the tail, several in the 24-30" category and one in the 60". 
Since the slope is gentle, all had easy bypasses. 
But some of the bypasses need to be stabilized and canonized if that's less trouble than removing the tree. 

There was one tree that seemed likely to me the be blocking to stock. It was only 4" thick but it was horizontal across the 
trail at chest height and was quite long, disappearing into thick brush on either side with no obvious bypass. The first rider 
through here will probably have to do something about it but fortunately it shouldn't take long. This tree was about a mile or two 
south of Peavine Creek. 
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