[pct-l] Missing Japanese Hiker on PCT

Nuoya Zhang nzhang4 at binghamton.edu
Thu Oct 3 10:49:08 CDT 2013

I just contacted the Lodge at Stehekin. They said they don't have his name
listed on either the reservation or the walk-in registration. And due to
the fed gov shutdown, they will close at 2pm today...

On Thu, Oct 3, 2013 at 4:48 AM, Yoshihiro Murakami <completewalker at gmail.com
> wrote:

> His friend is worrying about him, because he do not respond to his
> friend's e-mail, and his facebook remains untouched.
> His face is
> https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201992473354983&set=gm.425329750906141&type=1&theater
> 2013/10/3 Nuoya Zhang <nzhang4 at binghamton.edu>
>> Hi fellow PCT-ers and trail angels,
>> My name is Heidi (trail name: Chinese Rock). I am a Chinese long distance
>> hiker who plans to thru-hike the PCT next year. In the past summer I
>> finished the Colorado Trail--what a fantastic hike!  I've been following
>> this email list-serv for a long time, and was updated on all the SAR news
>> recently...it was tragic, along with the gov shutdown.
>> I have another piece of bad news here...I was just informed that a
>> Japanese
>> hiker named "Taka" left *Skykomish on Sept 25th* and was never heard of
>> since then. Many of you might already know him, since he was one of the 8
>> Japanese hikers who thru-hiked PCT last year.
>> Taka attended the PCT Days, and then headed towards the Canadian border.
>> He
>> is expected to reach Stehekin on 9/30. Two days passed and we still heard
>> nothing from him. His friend "Goku" (PCT 2013 Japanese thru-hiker) and
>> many
>> others (including "Low Gear") have attempted to contact him through
>> facebook and email, but he did not reply back.
>> So--if you happen to ever meet or hear about Taka after 9/25, please let
>> us
>> know! His friends and family will greatly appreciate your information. If
>> we still hear nothing from him, we'll resort to SAR immediately.
>> Thank you very much!
>> Chinese Rock
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