[pct-l] Rescues

Michael Slusser michael.slusser at gmail.com
Thu Oct 10 11:52:40 CDT 2013

When I started dreaming about the trail ten years ago or so, I thought the
guides were THE guides. I've used the California one on all my hikes. I
admit to not being quite as deeply in love with geology as the author(s),
but it is good stuff.

On Thursday, October 10, 2013, wrote:

>  The guide books are still out and available for purchase. When they go
> out of print I'll be in trouble, as I'm very rough on them.
> I spent some time in Oregon this summer with a friend who uses Halfmile's
> stuff, and it proved very useful. Still, the guidebooks are like old
> friends.
> Gary
> On 10/09/13, JoAnn wrote:
> I already did. They are titled simply, The Pacific Crest Trail (one book
> is Volume 1: California, the other book is Oregon and Washington are in one
> book and the main author for both is Jeffrey P. Schaffer (along with Thomas
> Winnet, Ben Schifrin and Ruby Johnson Jenkins). I’m delighted someone is
> showing an interest. I heard a few years back they were being discontinued,
> then I also heard that that was not true. Amazon.com will have them.

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quodque laboro, facit.*

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