[pct-l] HIKEPLAN

hikeplan at aol.com hikeplan at aol.com
Thu Oct 10 18:42:19 CDT 2013

Hi PCT hikers! I am accepting applications for HIKEPLAN construction. It is 
 my hobby wherein I have created over 700 plans for through- and section- 
hikes.  Since I am too old to complete the PCT, I enjoy helping others do it 
for me.  There is no charge. If interested, please contact me at 
<_hikeplan at aol.com_ (mailto:hikeplan at aol.com) > for questionnaires to  complete and 
return. Initially, I only need your entry and exit points so I can  reference 
the proper PCT Guidebooks and Halfmile maps. Good hikes to all!   Jack Yates

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