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I have NEVER accused you of being a left wing libertarian.  In fact, off the 
list, I defended you to the person who did.  I am not an eco-terrorist or 
anything close to that.  I practice LNT backpacking and raised my son in the 
same tradition.  I have spent many many days reforesting burned out areas 
and doing maintenance work.  My comment about Carson was in error, which I 
readily admitted.  I was thinking of another study at the time and 
momentarily confused the two.   It's that simple.

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> You are right.  I was wrong.  Feel better?

This is not about being right or wrong. This is about education

You once accused me of being a left wing libertarian. You were wrong.

I will say that I am a fervent supporter of our wild spaces, like the
PCT, and the things that live there, and will do everything that is
within my power to preserve them.

I will not stand by and let offhand attacks against a scientist and
author that did so much to help protect our planet pass unchallenged.

I know that industry does not like to dispose of its own waste, and
prefers to "externalize costs" by dumping it in common property of our
air and water and making us all pay instead, and that the same
industry does not like it when their "products"  are shown to cause
great disruption. Instead of fixing things, they would rather spend
their money buying politicians that will allow them to wreak havoc on
the rest of us with no consequences to them or their stockholders.

Attacks like the Koch/Cato article, and the website the attacks from
which seem to have influenced you, are all part of Industries'
"Merchants of Doubt" strategy that was pioneered so effectively by the
Tobacco Industry when they were fighting against public health.

For anyone interested in this tactic, I suggest the book "Merchants of
Doubt" by Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway.
More information http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merchants_of_Doubt 

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