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Dan Welch welchenergy at gmail.com
Wed Oct 23 14:15:04 CDT 2013

<<  Does anybody have the information on where one can purchase the plasticized half-mile maps?  I know it’s someplace in Oregon, but my senile mind can’t remember the printing company.>>

I used the recommendation on Halfmile' s website.  It was for GISI Marketing (see excerpted text below.) The prints are not plasticized, but they are printed very nicely with a laser printer and will not run when wet.  The $90 fee ($70 + shipping to NC) was cheaper than I could do it at home plus a LOT less hassle.  Gthey were a pleasure to work with.


"Low Cost Print Services

A company called GISI [formerly called LazerQuick] in Portland, Oregon will print all my PCT maps in color, 2-sided printing for $70 plus shipping. The print quality from GISI is excellent.

You can contact them by email [ center48 at gisimarketing.com ] or phone [ 503-228-6306 ] and ask them about "Halfmile's PCT Maps". They are familiar with PCT hikers now, having printed many sets of maps the past two years. GISI has copies of my latest map files, so you can just contact them to work out any printing you need.

If you decide to use GISI’s services it's between you and them. I make no money from this referral. I am just passing along the information and hope it helps someone. I know printing 450 pages of maps can be a chore, especially if you don't have a good printer.


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