[pct-l] Postholer's Map Books?

Wally Neal wallyneal at gmail.com
Thu Oct 24 13:05:35 CDT 2013

Great perspective, Ned. If your map can get you to the water, or
to town, it really doesn't matter what mile is noted for that water or town

It's not possible to accurately measure all those trail squiggles,
for sure not on a map of any scale and not absolutely even on-trail,
so all the milages are wrong to some degree.The difference is just
14 miles in about 950 to Tuolumne Meadows between Halfmile &
Postholer. Obviously, not significant!

To others who responded, I was referring to Postholers 2012 map books,
which were published in December 2011 according to info in the book
... NOT to the loose maps. I don't have those and know nothing about them.

-Walljito ... as in mojito, cause I make the best
In 1974 we didn't really have published mileages! You bought the topo maps
and a "map measure" (a hand-held gauged device with a tiny wheel you would
roll along the printed trail on the map) and were happy with the rough
estimate of a day's mileage.

After every day's Plan A turning to Plan B, it really didn't matter much how

many or few miles you did as long as you got to the next pay phone (in a
week or three) to call home on time!

Ned Tibbits, Director
Mountain Education

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