[pct-l] 2014 Kick Off & ''MEXICAN WATER''

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Fri Oct 25 15:42:11 CDT 2013

[pct-l] 2014 Kick Off & ''MEXICAN WATER''

I tell you what my point is.
Don't be fooled by his "World Famous 150% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE".
Nobody has ever received one single cent of his World Famous 150%
money back guarantee....he will take your money and run.
He is "WORLD FAMOUS" for that.

So there,....how do you like them apples?

JMT Reinhold
Switchback wrote:
So what is your point?
Reinhold wrote:
Don't believe a thing Switchback is saying, he is a admitted scoundrel
and sacker & plunderer of innocent hikers.
He will rob and steal from hikers for the pure enjoyment of stealing and
He will promise you everything but deliver nothing.
He always demands up front payment and then fails to deliver the goods.

JMT Reinhold is the only authorized distributor of dehydrated water and
the highly improved Phase II  "MEXICAN WATER"  and he alone can deliver
the goods.
Switchback is only after your money.
He will take your money and run, for he has nothing to deliver.

I say it is high time we administer "Trail Justice" to that scoundrel.
I say, let's tie him to a horse and drag his sorry rear end down the
PCT, all the way from Mexico to Canada for everyone to see what happens
when you mess with "Thru-Hikers".
Place your order for  "PLAIN" or "MEXICAN" dehydrated water now, with
JMT Reinhold, to assure delivery in time for the KO.

JMT Reinhold
Authorized distributor of Dehydrated & Phase II Mexican Water
Switchback wrote:
I have now labeled and manufactured my world famous Dehydrated water........
I will demonstrate it at the Super Secrets of Backpacking Seminar
at the Pirates Lair (campsite #22).....

My world famous 150% money back guarantee applies to this product....

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