[pct-l] Legs of the PCT (Lint and Anish)- adding Gear

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Dan said, "I encourage everyone to embrace your inner dirtbag."  Sometimes
that can be a very hard embrace. There is a comfort factor connected to
cleanliness that can make the difference for some hikers meeting their
objective or not.   

And just for what it's worth: I found that a down sweater or long sleeve
shirt, zipped/buttoned up and pulled up over the foot of a sleeping bad can
make the difference  between a tolerable night and an impossible night in
the cold. This is for those who are pushing the lower limits of a summer bag
to save a few ounces.  

I also had Feathered Friends make be a small down comforter that about 3' x
4' which I have used inside my sleeping bag across my trunk.  It works just
fine as long as I lay still at night.  A down sweater works well but usually
my down sweater is used as a sock on the  bottom of my bag. 

Or there is the old other method.  I met a guy on the CDT with what looked
like a good 45* bag.  How do you keep warm at night I asked him?  Whenever
the cold wakes me up, he said, I just start doing pushups until I feel
warmer and then  go back to sleep.  That would be the old other method-
pushups every 20- 30 minutes all night long.

Everyone, sleep well.


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It seems I may be wrong, and that's ok by me. I just don't buy the marketing
hype that a simple liner of any thin material can add ten degrees of warmth
to a sleeping bag. Has testing been done independently to proved this, or do
folks feel warmer, so whether it's all in your head or not that's just fine?

I can see the importance of keeping the bag clean for some folks, but I
encourage everyone to embrace your inner dirtbag. It also doesn't take very
much water to wash off some dirt at the end of the day. You're not going for
a job interview in the morning, just getting some sweaty dirty off you
before bed. Jardine has a method for this in his book.

Dan Jacobs
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