[pct-l] What do you say to mountain bikers on the PCT ?

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I understand the National Forests were not closed

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Brick wrote:
"document the violation with pictures and video, and your notes on
where/when and other circumstances then report it at 

Dear Mr Robbins (and Others),

Has it escaped your attention that Mr. Martinot was also on the trail illegally...
it was, after all, in a National Forest during government shutdown.

Is it appropriate to forward this confession over to the proper authorities, considering
a rule was broken?

Or maybe since all the encounters were of a friendly nature, each party enjoying
the outdoors in a respectful (to each other) fashion, that maybe we can get off our high horse
and just let live an let live?

Because if y'all cannot see the hypocrisy in this it actually boggles my mind....


PS - those riders on the PCT had a much greater chance of receiving an infraction during
the shutdown than not - Enforcement was considered a necessity and were continually staffed along 
with Fire (albeit at less numbers after several days of shutdown).
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