[pct-l] Hiker age

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Sun Oct 27 11:28:54 CDT 2013

[pct-l] Hiker age

Yes,...Bob is quite a guy.
I thought I have climbed Whitney a lot of times but not even close
to 170 times.
I know somebody who wanted to be the first to have climbed Whitney
100 times.
But he gave up after finding out that somebody had already done it.

JMT Reinhold
Betty wrote:
Reinhold, your old 65-85 lb. pack weight would put you in good company with
Cheryl Strayed!

One of the best moments of my Mt. Whitney hike this year was when I
happened to see and meet Bob Rockwell on the trail. At age 78 (if I recall
correctly), he has summited Whitney 170 times (or at least that was the
total as of August 7 when I saw him). He has been hiking since before I was
born. His example is very inspiring to me, as are all of you who are still
out there hiking at age 70+.


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