[pct-l] Mt. Bikes on the PCT & multi-use trails....

Pat Wormington airecrew09 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 28 12:12:30 CDT 2013

Mt. bikers insisted on riding on the PCT while a trail crew was 
improving the trail for hikers.  Walking the same area a week later the 
trail was solid bike tracks.  On the Plumas/Tahoe N. Forest, multi-use 
trails are being converted to bike trails.  Instead of maintaining level 
rock steps, sloped, rocked bike ramps have replaced the steps.  With a 
little grit on the ramps or ice, hikers beware!  The multi-use trail 
ramps are hazardous to hikers and equestrians.  The ramps have been 
installed with no Forest Service oversight.  Trails dedicated to mt. 
bikes would be safer for all concerned with the growing popularity of 
larger, heavier mt. bikes sharing trails with the hiking community who 
enjoy the tranquility, flora, and fauna of the outdoors and a good 
up-hill climb.

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