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Nick Thelen nthelen03 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 28 14:54:59 CDT 2013

Mr. Teschlog wrote:
Nick:  I never said anything about a feature that would "lock" a wheel.  Where did you get this idea?  Being a MTBer myself I have a feel what features are difficult to ride, and how said features could be installed such that they can be easily walked through by both hiker and equestrian, yet extremely difficult to ride (or go around).  

BTW, I'm a cross country style MTBer, so yes, it IS all about the flow, and that's the style of poacher that would primarily be interested in the PCT since not too many parts would be epic DH / Freeride type terrain.

Fanciful that the USFS might allow us trail maintainers to have another tool / feature to actually protect, preserve and keep the trail open?  Hardly.  Its only a matter of time.  

As you say Nick, poachers could certainly take up active vandalism of the trail....at least with shovels, picks, etc to remove / destroy US Government Property in the form of trail improvements, in addition to using their bikes in said works of destruction and defacing / actively removing no bikes signs. I don't let that stop me from taking care of the trail now, why would I let that stop me in the future?  Besides, those that would do so (engage in active vandalism) would further demonstrate the unsuitability of said user group (bikers) to have access to the trail with their mechanical transportation.  A brief search indicates that Title 18, Section 1361 would probably apply to those fool enough to start digging up features installed to keep bikes at bay.

Mr. Teschlog,

In Oct, 2012 you advocated for the type of feature that would lock (stop) the front wheel of a MTB.  
Not only that, you supplied links to descriptions and a written 'how to' - along with the note to place 
those features in blind switch backs with the intent to cause a rider to crash leading to injury.  

This post of yours is well known and distributed widely...Wasn't very smart of you to 
advocate booby-trapping trails in the guise of maintenance.  This may come back to haunt 
you one day in lieu of an injury sustained by a MTB'r on a section of the PCT you may maintain.  

Being the educated individual you are I am hopeful that you did not actually build, or lead a team to build,
these booby-traps.

To add - MTB'ing may be all about flow to you (as other riders do care for that)...
but not all, not by a longshot.  Log rolls, rock steps, roots, tight switchbacks, 
shouldering obstacles, skinnies...are equally sought after by the XC crowd (I am one of those).

Try riding the black diamond XC (not DH) trails in BC - ZERO flow...absolutely zero.
You're close enough to get up there and give it a shot....may open your eyes a bit.

I never thought you would stop, slow down...or even question your commitment to
preserving and maintaining the PCT...why would I?  I also do not expect anyone on this
list to change their mind...I am not advocating for bike access on the PCT here. 
Just responding to direct questions, or pointing out misrepresentations when they 
come up every so often, like yours.

And lastly, concerning your outline of trail violations/enforcement - well, you have your beliefs...
I have mine :)

So please do not let me detract from your genuine passion for the outdoors..
a passion that may be the only thing you and I have in common


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