[pct-l] Trail access via road at Mile 118, 127 and 137?

Ron Graybill rgraybill44 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 28 15:25:17 CDT 2013

There are several points going northbound out of Warner Springs where it
appears it might be possible to begin or end a section hike or cache some
water or food, but I'm hoping to learn the condition of the roads and how
passable they might be to these points:

1) Does anyone know if Lost Creek Road (which it appears is sometimes
called Lost Valley Road) is passable for an ordinary SUV to PCT Mile 118?
 There's a short trail from the PCT down to the road at that point, and on
some aerial views, the road actually appears to be paved.

2) What about Lost Valley Road (some sources say it's Chihuahua Valley Rd) to
Mile 127 up above the Schoepe Scout Reservation at Lost Valley (

3) Same question regarding Tule Canyon Truck Trail from Anza, CA, up to
Mile 137?

Ronald D. Graybill
Riverside, CA 92505
rgraybill44 at gmail.com

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