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	I generally support all kinds of non-motorized activities in the backcountry. Generally, rules are in place for a reason, though. Taking a bike through heavily wooded areas, is no problem. Taking a bike up, or down, a rocky mountain trail is quite dangerous. I generally use my common sense about dangerous situations. I could hope that anyone would check the rules first. I have found sections of trails closed for hunting, for example. If there is any potential danger caused by my activity, I need to check if that activity is allowed. Be it canoeing, hiking, riding horses, skiing, snowshoeing or whatever. 
	Rules for the trail are often posted at the trail heads, but not always. Ignorance of the rules, or the law, is no excuse. Sometimes a lake will require special gear, for example, artificial lures only. I always check before I go fishing. I will get a ticket even if I don't know. If I want to ride my mountain bike, I need to do the same. I check before I go riding. Unless I have that information, then I feel I am in the wrong, if someone challenges me. Worse, I am being stupid for not checking, and, I deserve the bloody ticket. The onus is on the person participating in whatever activity. Fires are not allowed. You get a ticket for building one whether you know about the rule or not. Setting up camp on a property easement is about the same, 'cept they call it trespass, the easement is only for hiking through. A lot of precedent across the board about this. The biker is expected to know.
	So, this leads me to the conclusion, that whether the mountain biker knows it or not is irrelevant. Unless the trail section is marked specifically allowing them, most of the PCT is "out of bounds." 
	Anyway, you were looking for opinions...

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JPL wrote:
"...in my opinion and experience, those who know they are in the wrong..."

Although I did appreciate the rest of what you wrote....difficult to counter the logic, even if my personal opinion sees it as not realistic....I would like to address the single line of yours quoted above.

There are very many who believe that they are simply not in the wrong, nor are they doing anything illegal.  The ban in place is dubious at best - and this information will continue to be distributed throughout the MTB community.

So it begs the question - if you are incorrect in your assumption that the MTB'rs encountered on the PCT 'know they are wrong'....how does that change your perspective, if any?

For if I am told to leave somewhere that I believe I have a right to be...well, I might just start laughing..
which might make you angry...

angry people have been known to do rash and thoughtless things on occasion...and no one wants to be part of thoughtless and rash decisions (I don't at least) ;) _______________________________________________
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