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Aaahhh shucks Ron,
Why did you have to spoil it,...just as the orders were beginning to 
roll in?

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Some interesting comments about dehydrated water on the museum of hoaxes 

And it's so light weight! All you need to do is pour it into a gallon of 
water and stir.

On Oct 28, 2013 12:12 AM, "Reinhold Metzger" <reinholdmetzger at cox.net 
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    Some folks on this list dismiss and poohoo "Dehydrated Water",
    promoted by
    Switchback & Reinhold for many years, as a myth and does not exist.

    Dehydrated water  "DOES"  exist as evidenced by the attached link.
    Bernard Foods has been selling dehydrated water since 1967.

    This is unquestionable, undeniable, indisputable evidence that
    Water", as promoted by Switchback & Reinhold does exist.

    Switchback & Reinhold have been vindicated and once again are recognized
    as leaders and innovators and pioneers of  UL  backpacking, dedicated to
    revolutionizing backpacking into an ever lighter and more enjoyable

    To insure delivery in time for the 2014 Kick Off, place your order

    JMT Reinhold


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