[pct-l] Jacket, Summer, High Sierras

Stephen Adams reddirt2 at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 1 17:36:00 CDT 2014

I got a Golite outer layer couple years back made of the new  lighter weight Goretex (Gorelite I think) and it has worked really well and breathes better than anything I've had.  I carry a light turtleneck base layer, then a fleece vest and the outer shell.  Have been using this combo in the Sierra for over twenty years and haven't changed yet, just got the newer lighter outer layer.  Last five years I have added wearing a long sleeve sun shirt also so that goes back on over my turtle neck or zip-mock when it starts to cool down.  When I say sun shirt I mean the sailing type, pull over t-shirt type, light and comfy.  Looser fitting than say the jogger's tighter fits.  Have Fun !

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