[pct-l] Stevens Pass resupply / trans / lodging update?

Andrea Dinsmore andrea at dinsmoreshikerhaven.com
Fri Aug 1 22:29:41 CDT 2014

Everyone hitches off Stevens Pass either to Leavenworth to the east (lots
of Motels, Hotels and Hostels)......or the hitch to west to Skykomish where
there is the Cascadia Inn (14 rooms), café and bar. Most of the thru
hikers hitch 8 miles further past Skykomish to Baring and stay at Dinsmores
Hiker Haven.  Resupply is usually sent Priority mail to the Skykomish Post
Office. 21 miles west of Skykomish is a Family Grocery Store. Don't think
and busses or shuttles run up there from either side.

Too many hikers each year to make runs to the Pass for us.  50 miles round
trip from here.  We're just not on that wave length either.

Andrea Dinsmore

On Fri, Aug 1, 2014 at 7:52 PM, Tom Grundy <caver456 at gmail.com> wrote:

> What's the best place to get info on options for resupply, nearby lodging,
> and transportation, for Stevens Pass?  We're headed for a section hike from
> Snoqualmie to CA next week and we'd like to line up something more reliable
> than hitching.  Does greyhound, amtrak bus, or and lodging shuttle stop up
> there?  The adventure of hitching is part of the adventure of the PCT for
> many folks - we're just not on that wavelength.  Thanks for any info!
> -Tom
> Nevada City CA
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