[pct-l] PCT and the Pond

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Tue Aug 5 11:14:19 CDT 2014

One day PCT Grizzly was over at his neighbor’s cabin to return a tool hehad borrowed.  His neighbor was a senior widowerand an old wise hiking buddy.  Hisneighbor was doing some chores out back. He told Grizzly he wanted to go down to his pond to get some freshspring water.  As they approached thepond through the trees, they heard some laughing and giggling.
It was a beautiful pond with ducks, fish, trees, and cool water not toofar from the PCT.  He often lets hikerscamp there on their journey along the trail.
As they arrived at thepond, they saw a group of women hikers skinny-dipping.  As Grizzly and his neighbor came closer theswimmers went to the deeper end of the idyllic pond.
One of the ladies yelled, "We're not coming out until youleave!"
Grizzly’s neighbor yelled back, "We didn't come down here to watchyou pretty ladies swim naked or wait until you get out of the pond without anyclothes on."
Holding his bucket up he said, "We are here to feed thealligator."
Your obedient servant and trail rascal,
Switchback the Trail Pirate

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