[pct-l] Pct-L Digest, Vol 80, Issue 7

Frederick Baier frederickbaier at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 7 19:31:50 CDT 2014

Aloha All, 

My son and I are hiking Section C and I'm wondering if if it's fairly easy to hitch down Van Dusen or Polique Canyon Roads to Big Bear Lake town center in late Aug/early Sep? Are these two roads fairly well-traveled or is it a more reasonable expectation to just hike into town? If it's just better to plan to hike down and then back up, so be it, we can do that, but it has 'downstream effects' on our hike plan (a little--there's some flexibility, but not a whole lot). I intend to get to Mile 275-278 area on the evening of 1 Sep (Labor Day)--we then plan a zero day and a return to the trail on 3 Sep (Wednesday) early a.m. From reviews, I understand the cab company in Big Bear is not especially reliable. As a follow-on, are there any trail angels active in the late season in Big Bear Lake area of Section C? If so, incredibly happy to compensate someone very well for time and gas if some one is willing...? 


Cheers & Aloha, Fritz 

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