[pct-l] Hyatt lake to Mazama Village trip report

Dennis Phelan dennis.phelan at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 01:57:44 CDT 2014

Just finished Hyatt Lake to Mazama Village.  The trail was open, but there
are several small fires in the area.  Fire teams and the helicopters,
drawing water out of the lakes, seem to be keeping them under control.  The
weather was hot (for Oregon - high 80's - low 90's) almost everyday.  Water
is very scarce.  WA1909B is the last available water before Mazama Village.
 Honeymoon creek is bone dry.  The "Wall-of-Mosquitoes" that was supposed
to appear after hwy142 was missing.  They were around, but frankly I get
more in my Portland backyard.  A mild repellent will keep you from getting
bit and the reported swarms didn't exist.  Maybe the dry weather has
reduced their numbers. The pump at Brown's Mountain Shelter works.  You
have to do as it says and pump hard and fast, but the water does come.
 However it is very brown and needs good filtering.  I had to back-flush my
gravity filter due to the dirt that was in the water.  Saw and spoke to
several thru's and they are finding Oregon similar to California - scarce
water and forest fires.

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