[pct-l] Hyatt lake to Mazama Village trip report

Michael Irving michaeljirving at gmail.com
Fri Aug 8 22:42:50 CDT 2014

I assume you meant "1809B" (rather than 1909).  Did you look at Jack Spring
at 1817?  I'll be through there in a couple weeks and was wondering if that
was dry yet.  It's off-trail so I'm curious if you or anyone else has been
down there to check recently.


On Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 11:57 PM, Dennis Phelan <dennis.phelan at gmail.com>

> Just finished Hyatt Lake to Mazama Village.  The trail was open, but there
> are several small fires in the area.  Fire teams and the helicopters,
> drawing water out of the lakes, seem to be keeping them under control.  The
> weather was hot (for Oregon - high 80's - low 90's) almost everyday.  Water
> is very scarce.  WA1909B is the last available water before Mazama Village.
>  Honeymoon creek is bone dry.  The "Wall-of-Mosquitoes" that was supposed
> to appear after hwy142 was missing.  They were around, but frankly I get
> more in my Portland backyard.  A mild repellent will keep you from getting
> bit and the reported swarms didn't exist.  Maybe the dry weather has
> reduced their numbers. The pump at Brown's Mountain Shelter works.  You
> have to do as it says and pump hard and fast, but the water does come.
>  However it is very brown and needs good filtering.  I had to back-flush my
> gravity filter due to the dirt that was in the water.  Saw and spoke to
> several thru's and they are finding Oregon similar to California - scarce
> water and forest fires.
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