[pct-l] SPOT Connect in N Cascades

Rebecca Wilcox wilcox.rebecca at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 14:50:45 CDT 2014

Glacier Peak area is exactly where our SPOT did NOT work in 2012. Two
nights in a row "OK" messages were sent (or so we thought) but never
received. Most of the rest of the trail worked fine, but if you're buying
one just for that area, I wouldn't count on it working.

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> My husband wants me to get a SPOT Connect so I can send texts/updates via
> my phone through a satellite connection.
> I just learned through another hiker blog that the SPOT products don't
> work well in WA.
> Has anyone out there used this product in the Glacier Peak section in the
> last year?
> Dys-feng shui-nal

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