[pct-l] Mountain Education Morphed!

Ned Tibbits ned at mountaineducation.org
Tue Aug 12 12:18:37 CDT 2014

For all of you who are interested in:
  a.. what Mountain Education teaches, 
  b.. how we are changing, 
  c.. what we may be teaching next, and 
  d.. what we are concerned about, 
and who don’t follow us on Facebook nor get our email newsletters*,

this is just a way to keep you updated on the busy summer we are having changing the school from 
  a.. informally run wilderness skills courses on a donation-only basis, to 
  b.. a Public Charity, Non-Profit Corporation formally operating under a Board of Directors!
Yes, this was a big deal, but it is done!

This is what is on tap for 2015 (starting January):

  a.. Snow Skills Courses (certified through NOLS) to prepare folks for how to deal with snow, on the trail and coming down (think cold and wet!), 
  b.. Wilderness First Aid Courses (certified through NOLS) taught on 3-day weekend base-camp trips, summer & winter, 
  c.. Summer Skills Courses (certified through NOLS) to help aspiring backpackers learn how to have safe & fun first trips (think “Wild” effect), 

We are considering offering New Courses, but want your feedback, if you’d be interested in them:

Survival Basics - building shelters, making emergency fires, designing and placing snares & traps, cooking, skinning, etc.,
Avalanche Awareness & Avoidance – a specialized, 1-day outing teaching what to look for to avoid snow avalanches,
Whitewater Crossing & Rescue Basics – how to chose where and when to cross or not and the techniques needed for safe passage.

In order to pass these skills onto you, we need to invest in Instructor Rating Courses, ourselves. If enough of you are interested, we will schedule our official certification courses, so we can teach you the basics (non-certification courses for backpackers). Our instructor courses cost $400-600. Yours would be a fraction of that. After the heavy thunderstorms and flash-floods of this summer, we want you to be ready for next season! 

Remember, “Success loves Preparation!”

Please email us back with your thoughts on where we are going and what you want us to teach to get you ready for your next hike!

* if you want to be included in our email newsletters to Alumni, Associates, Parents, and Public, let us know via email! info at mountaineducation.org 

Ned Tibbits, Director
Mountain Education, Inc.
ned at mountaineducation.org 

"To minimize wilderness accidents, injury, and illness in order to maximize wilderness enjoyment, safety, and personal growth, all through experiential education and risk awareness training."

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