[pct-l] 1,000+ logs cleared by the Mt. Hood Chapter of the PCTA

Barry Teschlog tokencivilian at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 14 13:46:25 CDT 2014

These were cleared from the PCT and feeder trails, 826 with chainsaw, 215 by crosscut saws. 



Copied from said post:

"Hi all,
Attached is the logout status for Mt Hood Chapter.
We’ve removed more than 1000 logs for the second year in a row. Before that, we didn’t keep count.
Almost all our sections are cleared. The high-elevation areas around the southern Mt. Adams will be done next week, and a few little bits are left either because we don’t have a caretaker for the section or the logs require a dedicated work party to clear.
We acknowledge that the storm that blew through yesterday may have caused more logs to fall. We will either scout for them or wait for user reports.
I am very proud of our volunteers and their dedication to keeping the trail open.
Kind Regards,
Roberta Cobb
Chair, Mt Hood Chapter PCTA"

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