[pct-l] Survey of Water Prep

Karl Jorgensen twizstix at gmail.com
Fri Aug 15 10:57:01 CDT 2014

I only filtered with a mechanical filter 5 or 6 times on the whole trail
from campo to canada, the rest of the time i just drank the water.

jorgy    pct 06

On Fri, Aug 15, 2014 at 9:31 AM, <gary_schenk at verizon.net> wrote:

> Unless I'm camped at a heavily used area, I just drink the water.
> Gary
> On 08/14/14, Ed Jarrett wrote:
> There are any number of ways that people on the PCT deal with their
> drinking water, and I have used several over the years. But I am curious as
> to how many might be using each of these ways of treating water, and
> thought it might be useful to others who are considering hiking the PCT. If
> you are willing to share; just what is your primary method of preparing
> drinking water while on the trail. It may be that you use several depending
> on the source of water; for instance you might normally filter, but drink
> straight if you see the water coming out of the ground. In that case your
> primary method is filtering. Prep methods might
> include:NoneChemicalBleachIodineChlorine
> DioxideFilterMechanicalGravitySqueezeIn-line filterSteripenOther
> If I get enough responses to be meaningful, I will collate the responses
> and let you all know the results.
> For myself, I am currently using a squeeze filter.
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