[pct-l] PCT....new speed record

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Fri Aug 15 06:35:37 CDT 2014

Yes Joe,
There is something to be said about pushing your body to the limit.

The aches and the pains will soon be forgotten...but the "MEMORIES",....
Aaaaahhhhh the "MEMORIES",....they will last a life time.

Congrats, but remember, you now are a market man.

JMT Reinhold
A 23-year-old Seattle man has smashed the speed record for hiking the
full length of the Pacific Crest Trail. Recent college grad Joe
McConaughy crossed into Canada on Sunday, exactly 53 days, 6 hours and
37 minutes after leaving the Mexican border on the storied trail.
McConaughy says he felt elation and disbelief at the finish of the
2,660 mile journey.

“I immediately broke down,” he recalled a few hours later. “I was
switching between laughing and crying - thinking of all these
incredible tales and trips we’d had day in, day out and all the pain.”

  “I can’t believe that I averaged 50 whole miles a day over some of the
toughest mountains in the West – the toughest mountains in the West,”

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