[pct-l] A Carnivores Solution to the Canister Problem

Reinhold Metzger reinholdmetzger at cox.net
Fri Aug 15 12:05:43 CDT 2014

Chickens walk, and they lay eggs.
Eggs for breakfast and chicken for dinner...lot's of protein...just
what a weary hiker needs.
All you need is a bunch of chickens on a leash and you could hike all
the way to Canada without carrying any food.
But make sure you have at least one "ROOSTER" in your flock, to insure
reproduction, so you don't run out of chickens before reaching the border.
BTW, you will not need a bear canister since all your food walks.
Besides, chickens don't seem to do well in a bear canister.

At night tie the chickens to a tree as a first line of defense against
bears.....their squawking will awaken you.
On a cold night stick the chickens in the sleeping bag with you to keep
you warm....chickens generate lots of heat.

Food that walks, bear alarm, extra insulation, and it all walks.
A thru-hikers dream come true.

Aaaahhhh, at last a carnivores solution to the bear canister problem.

We know that vegetarians can eliminate the canister by living of the
land and grazing.
Now, at last, a carnivores solution to hiking without a canister.
JMT Reinhold
The carnivore


Diana wrote:.....our food does not walk unfortunately,  so that's why we
have to carry food on our back.

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